Antonella VassalloAntonella Vassallo

BA, Behavioral Science, and BA, Sociology, San Jose State University

Antonella is the Program Administrator for CPOP. She is in charge of coordinating various efforts within CPOP and with the Department of Pediatrics, the Department of Medicine, and the Freeman-Spogli Institute for International Studies.

Zara Abraham

Zara Abraham

BFA Digital Arts, Chapman University

Zara is a research associate for Dr. Jason Wang. She works as a User interface graphic artist for the Stanford Pediatrics app project “Toothpet.”


Michael Chu

Michael Chu

BS, Tufts University

Michael is a research associate working with Dr. Jason Wang. He primarily works on projects investigating factors fostering health behavioral change.


Shilpa Gavali Jani

MPH, Boston University

Shilpa is a Data Analyst and Research Associate for Dr. Jason Wang’s mobile health projects, Taiwan Birth Cohort Study, and Sickle Cell Treatment Demonstration Program. In addition to data analysis, she is involved with IRB and grant proposals.


Pablo Leitz

Pablo Tarsicio Uribe Leitz

MD, MSCN, Universidad Anahuac del Norte; MPH, Boston University School of Public Health

Pablo is a Research Associate for Dr. Jason Wang. He is currently working on a project related to Parent knowledge and experiences obtaining follow-up ophthalmologic care for infants born very-low-birth- weight, and works with the Department of Surgery, Section of Trauma & Critical Care on Surgery and Global Health research.

Chiarng Lin

Chiarng Lin

BS, Biomedical Engineering Northwestern University; MS, Biomedical Engineering Northwestern University

Chiarng is the product manager for Dr. Jason Wang’s mobile information technology group. He works with a mobile application development team to produce healthcare behavior discovery platforms. Prior to working at Stanford University, Chiarng managed the radiology application for electronic healthcare record software of several hospitals as a technical services engineer at Epic. His primary interest is in the application of disruptive technologies to the healthcare space, ranging from big data analytics and precision medicine, to medical device sensors and web/mobile platforms.

Chi-Ying Lin

Chi-Ying (Roy) Lin

MD, Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan; MPH candidate, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health

Roy is a research associate for Dr. Jason Wang. He works on the NIH Fogarty International Center Grant and methodology training project in the Asia Collaborative for Medical Education (ACME); he is responsible for coordinating weekly meetings, designing online surveys, and obtaining feedback from scholars in training.

Shih-Dun (Stanley) Liu

BS, Carnegie Mellon University; MS, University of Notre Dame; MD Candidate, University of Pittsburgh

Stanley is a research associate working on several projects at CPOP. He works on a multi-site study to understand caregivers’ perspective on getting eye care for their premature babies; a study of resilience with a cohort of 20,000 children, surveyed from birth in Taiwan. Stanley is also involved in studies to develop mobile/web platforms to understand health behaviors that will help improve flossing, asthma care, cancer care and coordinate care for children with complex care needs.

Patrick Ng

Patrick Ng

BA, University of Pennsylvania; MPH, Boston University; MBA Candidate, Boston University

Patrick is a senior project manager and research associate for Dr. Jason Wang. Patrick’s efforts include NIH grant writing; research on a patient engagement and social support web portal for families with preterm infants, and research on theory-based interventions for chronic disease management in children.

Olga Saynina

Olga Saynina


Olga has been working as a data analyst for CPOP since 2006. Most of the her research is focusing on child health policy and health care utilization trends as well as quality and patient safety indicators using large administrative databases such as HCUP, OSHPD CCS. Before joining CPOP, she worked for the National Bureau of Economic Research analyzing Medicare data.

Sonja Swenson

Sonja Swenson

BA, Stanford University

Sonja is a research assistant for Drs. Lee Sanders and Lisa Chamberlain. Her work centers on two projects: one examining health care cost and utilization trends from the California Children Services Program, and the second working with physicians to develop health care quality indicators for children with special health care needs.

Kavita Thirumalai

Kavita Thirumalai


Kavita is a Research Associate for Dr. Jason Wang. She works on data analysis & grant writing on Sickle Cell Disease related projects.


Lisa Wu

Lisa Wu

Lisa is a research associate for Dr. Jason Wang. She is currently a junior studying BFA Digital Arts with an emphasis in Animation at Chapman University. She has been on the Tooth Pet app development team for over two years. She works as a UI designer and collaborates with other team member in brainstorming app features, designing the overall appearance of the app and producing graphic elements.


Yvonne A Yang

Yvonne Yang

AB, Harvard College

Yvonne is a research associate for Dr. Jason Wang. She is the project manager for the NIH Fogarty Research Ethics Training Program, which provides training in research ethics and methods to scholars in Southeast Asia. She also collaborates on other projects, including a literature review on theory-based health behavioral interventions for pediatric chronic disease management.


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