Vision, Mission, and Aims


Leading the way in child health policy, innovation and systems performance across the life course continuum


  • Conduct trans-disciplinary team-science between different divisions, centers, departments at Stanford and beyond
  • Train scholars in health policy and outcomes research across different pediatric specialties and subspecialties
  • Support Center for Health Policy, Primary Care Outcomes Research in global health and adult health services research and training


Aim 1: Support healthcare value (outcomes/cost) across the life course

  • Measure clinical outcomes and healthcare costs to improve value for the patient at the medical condition level
  • Understand and optimize health linkages across the full cycle of care by shifting attention of care upstream, towards prevention and early diagnosis at the individual and population levels
  • Document health disparities in patient value among different patient populations

Aim 2: Drive health innovation

  • Understand patient and provider incentives
  • Rethink healthcare delivery innovation models both locally and across geographic areas
  • Apply mobile health technology to drive health behavioral change, communications, and care coordination

Aim 3: Enhance Policy Impact

  • Translate research into policy, and link policy levers to research agenda
  • Develop quarterly policy briefs on important health policy issues, particularly for mothers and children
  • Apply multimedia and social network strategies in disseminating research findings


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